5 tips to grow eyelashes naturally

tips to grow eyelashes naturally

Tip 1: Which brush for which eyelash?

Eyelashes differ in length, density and direction of growth. Accordingly, cosmetic companies are constantly developing new brush to achieve the optimum effect for each type eyelashes. Basically Curved brush help short eyelashes to lengthen http://www.nolimitly.com/2016/04/idol-lash-reviews.html as they reach the outer hairs optimally. Bushy brush care due dense bristles for XXL-volume, contrast, airy brush with widely spaced bristles extend perfectly. Kammapplikatoren are ideal for unruly lashes because they separate and optimally applied color accurately.

Tip 2: Correct application

For beautiful hair separate fix the brush on the upper lash line and go with rapid zigzag movement to the tip. Those who wish can deceive even the lower lashes. Abr Warning: Anyone applying too thick, you risk that the eye is optically pulled down. Therefore, the lower lashes best just tender stress. For this, hold the brush parallel to the eye, start on ciliated ring and slowly shut down to the hairs.

Tip 3: Mascara for short eyelashes

Who has short lashes, should access to Volumenmascara, it further emphasizes the hairs denser. After mascara lashes separate with a ridged or directly buy a mascara that has taken a brush combs. For particularly voluminous lashes in front of inks, a base may be applied, which surrounds the individual hairs, thus ensuring even more density and length. Brown mascara works naturally - for expressive eyelashes with little eyelashes therefore better access to black mascara. And for the grand entrance are artificial eyelashes perfectly.

Tip 4: mascara for eyelashes just

Just lashes obtain an eyelash curler a nice swing. Those who want more can warm the tongs previously briefly with a hair dryer. The effect is the same as in Heizwicklern hair - with heat keeps the swing longer. Very important: The eyelashes form ever before mascara. To give the individual hairs a good stand, mascara to the eyelashes particularly.

Tip 5: Mascara for brittle lashes

This brittle lashes are not even more stressed, one should try as far as possible to waive waterproof mascara - many products can dry the hair. Ideal for delicate lashes are cream mascaras with nourishing ingredients such as beeswax, panthenol or idol lash reviews. Also eyelash curlers should sparingly are used as sensitive eyelashes can abort the forms quickly.